And I brag some more…

by sjbgilmour

Wow! Today’s the day for 5 Star Reviews! One more for Golden Mane and one more for The Borrowed Kitchen!

For Golden Mane:

“SJB Gilmour unleashes his fantastic imagination to great effect in Golden Mane. Populated with a wide variety of likeable characters (as well as a few odious ones), the world of Golden Mane is rich with humour, action and well thought-out magic. The protagonist, Sarah, is a refreshing blend of humility and power, but it was Gilmour’s detailed – and often hilarious – world-building that appealed to me most (I’ll never look at a plate of broccoli the same way again!). An excellent choice for fantasy devotees looking for something fresh and original.” (Chiyo Harima)

For The Borrowed Kitchen:

“This work of fiction is a murder-mystery-paranormal-erotic-romance of culinary delight. Did you catch all of that? Let me recap. There is at least one murder mystery to be solved, a lot of titillation with gourmet food and sex, ghosts and social issues. Congratulations Mr. Gilmour on an excellent read with particularly good editing and I recommend this book.” (Angus)

Now I have one bigass sloppy grin on my mug.