Goodreads, Reviews, And Me

by sjbgilmour

I’ve just about had enough of Goodreads.  The reader network app through Facebook is a pain in the arse.  Goodreads’ little spat with Amazon which resulted in Goodreads not listing Amazon’s books is fucking ridiculous considering Amazon’s grip on book retail market share.  And, well, I’m just not getting anything out of it.  It’s about as useful to me as LinkedIn, BranchOut and all those other crap sites – which is to say not at all.  I’m sick of logging on and seeing Harry Potter and Katniss dominate the fucking place.  Jesus H Christ, it’s supposed to be Good-reads, not What’sPopularAndNothingElse-reads.  I’m all but washing my hands of it.

Sure, I’ll continue to list my own books and books I’ve read there – for now.  Sure, I’ll continue to rate those books – for now.  But that’s it.  Fuck ’em.  I’m pulling all the reviews I’ve written.  I’m not seeking new Goodreads friends.  I’m not joining groups or entering discussions.

As far as reviews go, I’m going to do them on two sites: This blog and Amazon.  And, I’m only going to publish reviews where the book in question gets four or more stars out of five.  Books that rate less than that will only get the stars without comments, though if I read someone else’s bad review, I might comment on that or even post a link to it here and there.

Now, some of you may be my author friends whose books I’ve read and reviewed, and may be disappointed that I’ve pulled my reviews of their work from Goodreads.  Sorry about that.  If you’d like a guest spot on this blog, sing out and I’ll slot you in and wax lyrical about your literary genius.