Grill’d Crispy Bacon & Cheese on regular wholemeal bun. 7/10 Greasy Napkins.

by sjbgilmour

Grill’d Crispy Bacon & Cheese on regular wholemeal bun. $11.95

Generally, Australians suck at making decent hamburgers.  The dismal excuse we have for choice of chain restaurants here almost guarantees that your burger won’t look like the one in the poster, and won’t be anywhere near as satisfying as you’d hoped.   Even good pubs and bistros rarely get it right.   Now get your feathers down.  I know what I’m talking about.  I’ve been eating burgers all over the world for decades.  To date, the best I’ve ever had have all been from the USA.  Now, this burger from a local independent chain called Grill’d is a bit of an exception.

Let’s start by looking at the ingredients.  “Lean grass fed beef, crispy trim bacon, tasty cheese, salad, relish & herbed mayo.” – taken verbatim from the menu.  Sounds good, right?  It was, *burp*.

The meat was good.  Not too dry, as lean beef can often be. Most importantly, it was thick and roughly the same diameter as the bun.  That’s usually the first mistake made in pubs and bistros, though oddly enough, it’s usually the one thing fast food chains get right.  Well, the diameter bit anyway.

The salad was just fresh tomato, cos lettuce (in leaves, not shredded, thank God) and red onion, and there was plenty of it.  Great.

The cheese.  It tasted good, but it was hardly tangy enough for me to call it tasty cheese.  It was more like a mild cheddar.

The relish and mayo.  These made it for me.  Lots of sauce means good drip-factor.  Burgers should be messy.  The relish was especially good.

The bun.  The only real let-down.   It should have been toasted.

The burger could also have done with a little more kick in the way of pickle, or maybe more than one slice of cheese.

So, how did it fare?  Well, I waited twice as long for it to be made than I spent eating it.  That’s usually a good sign.  It’s now about half an hour after I ate it and I’m not hungry again yet – something McDonalds really could learn from.  Will I have another burger from Grill’d?  Yes, and next time, I’ll see if I can ring through my order or maybe even order it online then go pick it up. I give it 7/10 greasy napkins.